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Laurence Wayne Lee
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Laurence Wayne Lee Hands down one of my favorite bands out there! \m/ Favorite track: The Wandering ft. Garret Rapp of The Color Morale.
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released August 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Amongst Heroes Montréal, Québec

Amongst Heroes is a metalcore/post-hardcore band from Montreal. After various lineup changes in the 2 years since their first EP's release, the sextet has regrouped to create 3 new singles to be released throughout the fall of 2015. For Fans of The Color Morale, The Ghost Inside, Dayseeker and August Burns Red, AH aims to add a fresh perspective in the Montreal metal scene. ... more

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Track Name: [Solstice]
These are the races we run,
This is the cycle of every falling sun,
And when the waters rise, where will we be?
These are the races we run,
This is the cycle of every falling sun,
And when the waters rise,
Will we be buried by the tides?
Track Name: Elegy
The clock struck 4:45 when I closed my eyes.
Now I awake, I see my life

Ordered by disarray, Rocked by the waters
Rocked by the broken waves.
All my anchors have gone away.

A handshake, a smile, and a warm embrace,
Framed black and white.
But this picture could never measure up
To my memory of you.

And I’ll treasure the times we had,
But I can’t help but regret that I wasted our days away.

Your loss has taken all of my heart, my balance is gone.
You are the only one who could bring me back
To my feet, but I’m alone.

Set me straight again, I have lost all my direction.
You stayed around to say goodbye,
When the time came I disengaged.

One errant choice was all that brought me a year,
A year of remorse.
I’ve sealed my fate.

And every day, I’m forced to relive how I ran away.
Ran away from you.

There are so many things that I wish I could say,
But instead here I am, standing before your grave.

And I hope you know
That who you were is who I want to be.
When I see you reaching out in my dreams,

Its like you were never gone.
The moment that we speak I know,
Though its been so long,
That none of my mistakes matter.
You’ve brought me the peace I needed
To part with you.

So set sail for one last time,
Let these waves carry you beyond the tides.
Rest and you will find
It won’t be long until we meet again.
But until that day comes,
I’ll hold you in my heart.

All my anchors have gone.

You should know
That everything you were has meant everything to me.
Track Name: The Author
Bottled up and thrown away,
Drowning in the deep.
This shame carries a weight
You can’t sink in your sleep.

All this time spent behind the walls,
These barriers
Built high to keep away anything that could make you feel.
Man the towers, we can’t see you slip.
I wonder what it’s like to burn
With no room to let in love

And I can tell that you’re not living,
You’re just trying hard to breathe.
What will it take for me
To put you at ease.

Open up to me,
You can’t do this on your own.
You’ve been living like you think
That you could make it

Living like a fugitive
In this world
That’s all you’ve ever known

Faltering further
As you let the wind take
The things that made you
A mountain that won’t brake
I know you’re to scared to wake up
And I’m doing the best that I can
To make you strong enough
To open your eyes

Let me show you
That there’s no need for you to hide
Your purpose, your strength
And everything that makes you okay
Are right before you
Open your eyes

And I can tell
That you’re not living
You’re just trying hard to breathe
What will it take for me
To put you at ease.

This can’t be the end of you
With a silent surrender to dreams unfulfilled

I won’t let you quit while your heart’s still beating
I’ll walk this with you If you’d take my hand

You’re in control of everything that defines you
So please believe me when I say

You’re not lost
Until you give up on yourself
You’re not lost
Turn the page and start again

You are the author

Open up your eyes
You’re in control of everything that defines you
Open up your eyes
You’re not lost,
Turn the page and start again
Track Name: [Equinox]
I haven’t seen the sun for days
But somehow still my shadow falls over you.
This is the darkest day I’ve ever known,
And it doesn’t seem to be getting old.
As I grow colder and colder,
My disguise falls
I am not what you think;
I’m just a broken man in a broken mirror.

I am not what you think.
I am nobody’s hero.
I am not what you think.
Track Name: The Wandering ft. Garret Rapp of The Color Morale
I am nobody’s hero.

Spent all of my years justifying answers I didn’t believe
(I blindly believed.)
Now I’m empty and unsure of who I am and what I’m for.
I’ve heard that never questioning made me
A martyr,
But I don’t want to die for this.

Even though the things I let define my life
Don’t mean a thing to me anymore.
Without this jail to confine my life,
I am nothing but a wretch without a home.

Don’t tell me I’m missing out,
I never want to drop to the depths of your golden heart.
This is existence, but all I want to do is live.
Its all I want to do,
But I have been too scared to try.

One day I’m gonna leave,
But before I go
I’ll leave something behind,
No one ever left for me to know.
I wanna leave you thinking,
But not that this was ever about you.
But oh, this is about me.
I know I need to change.

I’m sorry if this hurts for you to hear,
But I’m free and I won’t be sorry for the mess I’m in.
This is the cross I built, this is the burden that I chose.
So through my struggle, I will soldier on.

I don’t need a mortal man to approve this fractured faith of mine
Even if that means I am nobody’s hero.
So keep your rituals and kings, and I’ll keep on wandering.
I am not what you think, I am nobody’s hero.
(Sorry if this hurts for you to hear.)
Track Name: Catch Me If You Can
I question everything I’m told
When the only words that meet my ears
Are of horrors that unfold.
Outside the blinds of my suburban eyes,
Chaotic control awaits.

To overcome the conditional life I lead
Is to strike down mountains and blot out the sky.
I need to break the chains that hold me to the ground,
And repave paradise.
Restrictions and picket fences reign us in our homes
While they tell us to

Lay low, lay low.
We will never be the ones to lay low, lay low.

Tear away the doubt,
And be a better man.
Realize that I am a child of the world,
Not a slave to this land.
I am no slave to this land.

Deconstruct this projection of love,
Find your own and make a noise.
Don’t fade away

In the face of opposition, I won’t give a single inch,
I’ll stand my ground.

Catch me if you can
I’ll turn my head and never look back.
Stand up tall, and brace for the impact.

I’m striving to say that I am no longer
Mired in the struggle to live or to prosper.

We are the cure to this cancer we call the world.
Track Name: Two Years
I’m so far away from the man I’m supposed to be.
I need a cure to rescue me from this selfish life I lead.

Looking back on all the little things that brought us here,
I can’t believe just how lost we have become.
How did I let myself take the things I feel and bury them in the ground?
Now I measure my pulse by the times it fails

Send me a medic, I’m slipping away.
And am I the one to blame?
And do I need to change the way I’ve always been to keep you around me?

Memories sink in, while I’m stuck here asking;
Have we come together just to fall apart?
Well it seems that I, I’ve never been the one to stop thinking and just feel.

I’m so far away from the man I’m supposed to be.
I need a cure to rescue me from this selfish life I lead.

It would be easier to give up and let go
Than to stand here and tell you the truth.
I know I closed down and shut you out,
But I’m here now, and I’m hoping that it counts.

The truth is that I’ve never felt worthy of you,
But now I can finally see
That by your side is right where I should be.

Two years, Two years I’ve had something to say
I won’t rest ‘til I find a way
For you to feel my love.

Tell me you see that I’m fighting for you
And what I know I need.
Right where I should be
I won’t live with this regret,
I’ll take your hand and leave.
For once I’m proud to say
I walked away.
Track Name: Order Of The Sun
All I know is what it means to fall away
From the old world order and into the unknown.

Lifted upon crooked wings and thrust towards the ground,
I am humbled, yet I remain proud.

Let’s get one thing straight,
This is not an act of harm or a call to hate.
This is just my chance to say.

I no longer have the will to say
Mother, father, I'll follow all of your ways!

You've slowed down the sands of time
But I can say that I've finally realized
This change must be mine.
And I want to show the blind it’s our time.
The new age has arrived.

I've moved past the limitations of time.
My clear mind is what opened up my eyes.
You never waver, so you'll never change.

You accept the superficial and go on with your life.
Let revolution pass you by.

Despite our differences, I want to thank you!

You laid the foundation, now its time to bring it down.
We'll build our monument in place of this broken crown.

Evolve, or step down.

This hope can't be contained.
This is the coming dawn,
And we are the rising sun.
So climb out of your graves and see
The light.

You've slowed down the sands of time,
But I can say I've finally realized
This change must be mine.
And I break out of this prison with my pride.
It was there I learned to stand and to survive.

A thousand years of disparity give place to
The control and propagation
Of the rise and fall of nations.
The time has come for me to cut my ties
From this foreign world of familiar lies.
And If I'm damned, at least I'm free.

And I'll say
I'd rather reign in Hell
Than be a slave in Heaven.

Our hope can’t be contained.
This is the coming dawn,
And we are the rising sun.

You laid the foundation,
Now its time to bring it down.

So say goodbye
And come see the light.